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International BlockchainUA Conference to be held in Kiev on 14 September 2018 will attract more than 1,000+ attendees.

The BlockchainUA conference aims to draw in a general crowd to inform participants, to build a strong community, and to boost the buzz around Ukraine at an international level.

Our mission is to make the event accessible for as many people as possible while providing the right level of organization — we're providing food and coffee breaks during the event, access to the afterparty, videos of all the talks, networking, and much more.

From the outset we've laid down the key principles for the conference:

  • We don’t accept paid talks;
  • Companies who already have a working product can present their achievements and roadmaps;
  • This is an educational and networking event — by default, speakers are expected to give an educational/helicopter view of their expertise;
  • It's a not-for-profit conference, so we try to keep ticket prices low;
  • The audience consists of broad crowd — including technology experts, entrepreneurs, investors, bankers, students, regulators and others.


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