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​The Pre-Alpha release of EOS Desktop is up!

EOS Desktop

​The Pre-Alpha release of EOS Desktop is up! All your favorite dApp and crypto websites in a familiar desktop application. EOS Desktop is designed to provide a familiar user interface for interacting with the EOS ecosystem a lot easier. All sites that run the latest version of ScatterJS can connect to Scatter Desktop through EOS Desktop. Just log into Scatter Desktop, open EOS Desktop, click the Scatter icon, and you'll be good to go (go full screen for the best experience). Support EOS Desktop's development by either sending EOS to eosdesktopio or playing EOS Bet Dice though EOS Desktop.

Download Pre-Alpha Release (This is the only place to get the EOS Desktop.)

EOS desktop download

Why EOS Desktop?

​In the past year and a half that I've been into crypto, EOS has demonstrated itself to be one of the best public blockchains with the healthiest and most supportive ecosystems/communities (even at a few months old). EOS will continue to grow, with lots more apps, and EOS Desktop can provide an immersive experience for people who want to go "full decentralized". Also, it's just convenient. I use it a few times a day, even in its limited form.


  • Play any dApp that runs the latest version of ScatterJS (if an app says" it is unable to connect to scatter extension" it has not yet upgraded to the latest version of ScatterJS)
  • Easily access block explorers/account managers that link with Scatter Desktop (EOS ToolKit,
  • See your account details, including: tokens, resources, and recent actions in the sidebar
  • Shortcuts to some of the most useful EOS and crypto-related sites.

User Safety​

EOS Desktop uses well known technologies and was implemented using best practices, but here are some general warnings:

  • EOS Desktop does not manage any of your private keys. EOS Desktop only asks Scatter Desktop for your Identity and that's it.
  • The built-in Zoom Browser is as basic as a browser can be. Going to trusted sites like Yahoo, Reddit, Google, or your favorite dApp or blog aren't a problem. But if you want to browse shady parts of the Internet, use Chrome, Brave, Safari, etc., which all have more robust built-in protections.
  • EOS Desktop does not interact with your local file system and is pretty plain under the hood. So no you weren't hacked.

Bugs and Annoying Things That Might Come Up

  • "The Zoom Browser search bar didn't accept my url" There's some logic that goes into how to handle searches and urls and not all cases have been handled. Next version will be better!
  • "I can't save my favorite site to the desktop" Feature coming soon.
  • "Scatter won't connect!" Assuming your Identity and keys are all set up, make sure Scatter Desktop is open and unlocked, then close and reopen EOS Desktop. That fixes it 99% of the time.
  • Too many open windows may degrade performance and speed of the app.
  • Windows: Works fine. I wasn't a fan of how scroll bars are handled in Windows though.
  • Mac: Works fine.
  • Linux: Don't have a Linux machine. So let me know about your experience.

Things to Come

  • Add and delete shortcuts on desktop
  • Upload and manage backgrounds
  • App Store with user ratings (click and added to desktop)
  • Save shortcut icon locations (currently shortcut icon locations are set randomly)
  • Quality Desktop Icon


I'm sure people will have a lot to say. I want to hear what features you want to see and what improvements can be made. Comment below!! Any EOS Apps that want to be included in the next version or the App Store can email


Open Scatter Desktop; Download, install, and open EOS Desktop; click the Scatter icon; BOOM done.

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